Emotional Health

Most people understand depression or anxiety as psychiatric conditions.  But what if many psychiatric conditions were actually caused by underlying physiological imbalances, such as nutrient or hormone excesses or depletions? What if taking the appropriate vitamin or changing your diet could help you regain your emotional health? Let’s look at some examples of this:

  1. Pyroluria: Pyroluria is a biochemical condition in which the body makes too many pyrroles, and this excess of pyrroles causes functional deficiencies of Vitamin B6 and Zinc (the pyrroles get excreted in the urine and take vitamin B6 and Zinc with them).  This deficiency of Vitamin B6 and Zinc appears as a psychiatric disorder.  People with Pyroluria can suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction and other “psychiatric” symptoms that worsen with stress.  I have seen lives turn around by diagnosing people with pyroluria and treating them with high doses of Vitamin B6, P5P (the body’s usable form of Vitamin B6), Zinc, and other nutrients.  Pyroluria is diagnosed through a simple and inexpensive urine test which is available in my office.  More specific symptoms of pyroluria include: poor dream recall, white spots on fingernails, easy sunburning, becoming more of a loner, cracking or aching joints, motion sickness, aversion to eating protein & poor morning appetite, poor short term memory, hair loss, alcoholism, and schizophrenia.  
  2. Histadelia: coming soon
  3. Histapenia: coming soon